Sunday, March 7, 2010

Website Update 0.6

Yesterday, we pushed live our next update, labeled 0.6. This update brings the following features/fixes:
  • More CSS/JS optimizations and caching
  • View profile links now work on the Manage Apps page
  • After creating an application, the caches are now refreshed corrected
  • Sessions are now much more secure
  • Woopra tracking is now all done server-side and there is no JS script or cookies
  • Fixed issue where cookie authorization would not redirect correctly back to the original page
  • Added option to import RSS feed
  • Improved dashboard loading and ajax
  • Added a warning to outgoing links
  • Twitter posts now use
  • Fixed almost one-thousand bugs/issues
Among the major new features:

You can now import an RSS feed, and we will post an update to your deVolf account whenever the feed changes. The first 2000 characters will be posted directly on deVolf and then a Source Link will be provided in the footer of the update. Optionally, you can send the update to Twitter as well. When posting to Twitter, the tweet will contain a short caption from the post and link to the update on your application profile.

Since we are now allowing people to import feeds, we had to build better security for our users. If you click on a link that points to somewhere other than, we will visit the link and present you with a warning box explaining where the link goes. If you trust the link, just click on the URL and a new window/tab will open up with the link.

You might be wondering what happened to stats-well, we have them all ready, there is just a slight problem with Woopra. I will be bring back stats as soon as possible.

Finally, we usually estimate an update to take roughly 10-15 minutes, but this update took over 3 hours to get live. Some of the problems were caused by our aggressive cache and a few cookie bugs, but others were caused by outside sources. One, we did not expect to have Woopra stop recording visits, so we had to revert back part of the update, and then reCaptcha just stopped accepting our private key and we had to push another update with new keys. I will be closely monitoring all the logs and making sure that everything is fully working.

If you have any problems logging in or staying logged in, please clear all your cookies under

James Hartig
deVolf, CEO

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